Who Are We?

What is a Mortgage Broker?

A GOOD mortgage broker is someone that will source the best loan, will monitor your loan with you and will work to give you the best advice to reduce the loan interest that you pay and will always be there to answer your questions and not be farmed off to a junior person.

Who are The Australian Finance Centre?

The Australian Finance Centre was established in 2000 by Andrew Salsbury. In that time they have been organising mortgage finance for clients all around Australia and assisting people achieve their goals.

Why Should I Choose Australian Finance Centre?

Personalised Service

  • No call centres, no waiting. 

  • You will always be able to speak to us, have direct access to your credit manager. 

  • We will listen to you and work with you to obtain the best mortgage solution.

  • No franchises, we are independently owned.

  • We have no KPIs or performance targets in sight.  Our only goal is  helping you.

We're With You For The Life of Your Loan


  • Yes we help you obtain your loan, but it doesn't stop there.  We work with you throughout the life of your loan to ensure you have the best interest rate.  We can negotiate lower rates with your bank, help pay your mortgage off sooner and help to elliminate "mortgage stress".

  • We can help you set financial goals, increase your wealth and help you achieve financial security.

Independent & Professional:
  • We will always provide fully independent advice across all mortgage products and over 25 lenders.

  • We receive preferred status by banks which means faster service to you.
    As a full member of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia you will receive professional mortgage advice.

  • We get paid only on settled loans so it is in our interest to ensure that your loan gets approved.