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If you have been thinking of investing or, extending your investment portfolio, now is the great time to do it.  Recent environmental changes ensure that the ‘rate of return’ of investments can favour the investors to invest into the Australian market.

Whether you are seeking to invest in property, shares or other, now is a great time to identify the opportunities available to you.

At Australian Finance Centre, we offer various mortgage and investment solutions to cater for the needs of making investments. From simple investments to complex investment portfolios, we have the expertise to cater for your needs.

Security, capital growth and income are just some of the benefits when implementing in an investment plan. Our range of investment finance solutions are catered for the wide range of circumstances associated with different types of borrowers – regardless of your situation.

Now is great time to invest! So what are you waiting for contact us now!

When establishing an investment loan, we will consider the following:
  • Which investment is right for you? Do we need to include the assistance of one of our financial planners?

  • Which interest rates is right for you? Fixed or variable?

  • Which investment product gives you the correct level of functionality and flexibility?

  • What are the complete costs involved?

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