Home loan calculators help you better understand and manage your finances and repayments.  If you have any questions about how to use the calculators please contact us

Work out what your repayments will be on a loan.  Pay a little bit more and see the savings over the term of the loan. Have the loan total, the interest rate and the term of the loan handy to use this calculator!

How much do I need to save to...

This calculator allows you to enter your income and expenses, to see quickly how much you can save (or spend on repayments on your own home!).  Tweak your spend to see how small changes make big differences!  Have your total income and expenses ready to enter.

There are so many types of loans, compare your options using this calculator to see the difference varying interest rates or the term of the loan can make.  What happens if I fix the interest, compare the outcomes here!

How much can I spend on my new home?  Use this calculator to determine the maximum possible amount you can borrow. 

To use this calculator you will need your income (and your partners if appying together), plus any other income you earn (including rental income for investors).

How much will it cost to buy and/or sell a property.  Use this calculator to determine your costs.  Don't forget to include conveyancing fees as well stamp duty in your calculations; this needs to be added onto the cost of your property!

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